Photo by Florian Shulz

Photo by Florian Shulz

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Alec Jacobson is a photographer and writer who likes to dive deep into slow-moving stories, from documenting overfishing in Lake Victoria as a National Geographic Young Explorer to connecting with mezcaleros in Mexico.  Drawing on his studies in Anthropology, French and Arabic at Amherst College, he prefers to be the only journalist within a few hundred miles.

He is prepared to travel at a moment's notice and eager to build on his base of seven languages (French, Spanish, Arabic, English, Luganda, Latin and Ancient Greek).

He is also the Executive Director of the nonprofit Mountain Independent, leading a network of journalists in mountain towns around the world from his home in Telluride, CO.  

Editorial Clients Include: National Geographic, The New York Times, Playboy Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Saveur, Punch, Anthony Bourdain: Explore Parts Unknown, Slate, Roads and Kingdoms, Amherst Magazine, Colorado State.

Commercial Clients Include: The MacallanSkida, Janji, Sutcliffe Vineyards, Danbury Hospital, The University of Vermont, and Educate!.